Future of Computers

In this essay, I shall compare and contrast the works of two These are Ray Kurzweil in, “Law of Accelerating Returns” and Bill Joy, in “Why the Future Need Us?” Ray Kurzweil talks about the dramatic underestimation of the power of future technology since it is based on “intuitive linear’ view of technological progression instead of “historical exponential view”. This is because an analysis of the history of technology shows that most technological change is exponential. This means that in the coming year’s machine intelligence will have surpassed human intelligence.
A comparison of the two authors works shows that Ray is more of an optimist about the improvement of technology, while Bill is a pessimist. Bill claims that the doom of humans will occur because humans will drift towards robot control. This is because the problems in future will be s complex on artificial intelligence will be able to solve them after which robots will take control of everything. Ray, on the other hand, believes that the exponential improvement in technology will bring about changes that will shock mankind. He does not talk about the doom of the human race.