Future of Nanotechnology



With the advancement in the field of nanotechnology, it has been noticed that even the human organs can be regenerated with the application of technology of nano-thin sheets. The regeneration of the human organs is done by layering the thin sheets of tissues which are specifically created with the help of nano-order thin sheets. It should also be noted that the risk of any medical complication have been relatively decreased by large as nano technology has come at the medical forefront. This is mainly because the layers are created by selecting the cells from the patient’s own body (Newell-McGloughlin and Re 2011). This minimized the risk of transplantation reactions, which have been noted in the traditional approaches of regeneration of human organs. Another important fact to be noted here is that with the increase of medical therapies through the aid of nanotechnology, it is being considered that the pace of surgeries is more likely to increase. Consequently, this will help in the positive patient outcome and lowered risk of health complications (Newell-McGloughlin and Re 2011). Followed by the previously discussed applications of nanotechnology in human life, it should also be discussed that nanotechnology has also made a great contribution in the automobile industry. The reward of the application of nanotechnology in the field of automobile is its light weight of automobiles. Nanotechnology is also useful to produce hydrogen ions from fuels such as, menthol in order to reduce the cost of catalysts in fuels. Intellectuals have noticed that companies with the help of nanoparticles started making batteries. There are two types of batteries on which companies are working these days (Dvorsky 2012). Convention batteries, which will efficiently work, after charging it for a long time and another one is a battery which can be charged in short time, but it works for many hours. Fuel consumption has also been reduced with the help of advancement in nanotechnology. It helps to produce fuel for low-grade raw material, which helps increase the mileage of engines. Moreover, researchers have observed that space flights have become more practical and advanced with the help of nanotechnology (Dvorsky 2012). c. Nanotechnology and Micro machines: Currently, researchers have noticed that nanotechnology has given rise to micro robotic system and development of this system can be observed