Future Practice Value of Architecture

the field of architecture and the architects around the world has faced many such global economic recessions and have very well been able to overcome the effects caused by these. Even though the recession has right now effected the spending of the public and the government into the construction of many new buildings and works of architecture and they have very well abstained from funding any such new projects it should be borne in mind that the recession is only a passing phase of the economy and as soon things do stabilize financially for the world and for UK it will be seen that things will be turning favorably well for the architects and all those people who have engaged themselves in the field of the architecture and the visual arts. The only thing that is to be done by the architects as done during the past recessions is that they need to keep themselves engaged with the smaller projects that they get on hand and never let down their confidence. This will surely do a world of good since the architects will get ample projects when the whole economic recession eases of and the government and the private firms will be again ready to fund many new and awesome projects. Architects should very well keep in mind that the greatest pieces of architecture had been created in this world just at the end of the recession periods and the greatest economic crisis. The greatest example for this is the creation and the rise of the Empire State Building just commenced when the time Wall Street crashed. History and the various civilizations across the world have recorded and also have seen many such sudden rise of pieces of architecture at times of the greatest economic recession. This very example should be deeply engraved in the mind of any architect who is facing this economic crisis and their confidence levels are reaching the lowest levels along with their energies and also the power to think. It is at this point of time that the architects have to very well regroup