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Simulations"Rollercoaster Tycoon al Affiliation) Rollercoaster Tycoon is a management and construction video game that simulates the management of an amusement park. The game is based on the idea of completing a chain of pre-established scenarios through the successful building and maintenance of an amusement park. Building the park is dictated by establishing a diversity of rides which the visitors can enjoy. The rollercoasters necessitate careful designing to avoid crashing, and proper maintenance for instance through thorough ride inspection. There ought to be a balance between the intensity and type of rides since the preferences of individual visitors differ. For example, some visitors like highly exciting rides and can tolerate nausea to considerable levels while some cannot. If a crash occurs, park visors die translating into a decrease in the park’s rating, thus the popularity of the park will be lowered. Your job therefore is to build the park and ensure a steady flow of customers, by hiring the right staff to carry out the requisite tasks that ensure the smooth running of the amusement park (Straight 2012).
Rollercoaster Tycoon affords the gamer an opportunity of managing close to every business aspect associated with owning a theme pack. The learning objectives ascribed to the simulation is to design numerous features of the park that impact the park’s on-going popularity as well as the income generated by it. This consequently has an influence on the flow of capital that the player has to maintain, improve, and expand the park. The game consists of twenty one scenarios. In order to complete a scenario and proceed to a new one, the main objective encompasses having a pre-defined minimum number of visitors within a period of between four and five years that defines the deadline of the scenario (Straight 2012). As such, the game highlights that the corpus of business management encompasses the facets of time management, careful planning, hiring the right personnel, considering the needs of all customers, and most importantly, ensuring that you have a steady flow of customers throughout the year.
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