Gang Violence in Charlotte

Over the past quarter, a century the American society has experienced an increase in the gang activity. Most of the gang members are young people who are highly prone to peer influence. Numerous studies have acknowledged the significant role that firearm play in perpetuating the menace of gang violence. However, there are few studies that have examined how the accessibility of firearms has facilitated the growth of gang violence. Studies estimate that the state of North Carolina has over 100,000 gang members (Smith &amp. Furuseth, 2006). These statistics are merely estimation since there are no statewide records that accurately depict the numbers of gang members. These figures indicate a growth by approximately 200% of gang activity over the past decade. Due to this upsurge, the State government has been forced to initiate a task force specially dedicated to dealing with the gang menace.
Other reports indicate that the gang members are responsible for over 1000 homicides and nearly 10,000 felonies in the city of Charlotte over a period of five years. Other crimes reported to be attributed to gang member include 9000 robberies and nearly 500 rape cases (Smith &amp. Furuseth, 2006). A recent survey that profiled the gang member found out that a significant number of gang members lie with the age bracket of 10-25 years (Smith &amp. Furuseth, 2006). This has greatly worried the policing department as it appeared that gangs were getting younger and aggressive. In Charlotte, gang membership is largely dominated by male.