Gender and Decision

Gender and Decision- Making in Business Gender refers to the individuals’ of being a masculine or feminine. Decision- making in Business from a different perspective refers to the mental process of selecting a logical choice from a set of alternatives. Decision making results in such an outcome as a recommendation, action and opinion that affects a business set up positively or negatively. The essay herein investigates whether or not gender affects decision- making in business.
Mrčela et al. (13) present a research citing lack of suitable experience and competencies amongst the feminine gender as a factor influencing decision-making and evidence to the low involvement of women in decision-making positions. The research cites that women have a lower level of ambition, self-confidence and have a larger commitment to the outside social environment than within then business set up (Mrčela et al. 13). The attributes are an evidence of the hypothesis managements use in evaluating both the female and male gender in terms of hiring and promotions to higher ranks in business set up. However, the hypotheses are not valid as both the female and male gender have equal potentials and competencies in any professional set up.
Women are victims of statistical discrimination that influences decision-making in terms of promotion and hiring (Mrčela et al. 14). Most managers perceive men to have higher capabilities than women in certain managerial positions hence place the men in suitable positions to acquire required skills to fit the managerial positions. Gender plays a significant role therefore in the determination of suitable personnel for promotion to certain positions.
In summary, it is evident that gender influences decision making in business. Certain organizations use gender as a gauging parameter to make decisions on suitable applicants to hire and promote. The State should conduct public campaigns to empower women and discourage gender-based decision making to attain equality.
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