Gender Role and Behavior

This interview has been guided by the theories laid out by Devor and aims to provide a succinct analysis of an increasingly relevant phenomenon.
The aim of the research undertaken is to explore the ways in which gender is understood and explained by people today. Unlike sex, gender is artificially imposed and although based upon biological differences between men and women, gender is socially constructed. As a social construct, gender roles, behaviors, attitudes and expectations are created by society and enforced by social norms. The funny thing about gender is that we are led to believe that it is innate and something that we are born with. As Aaron Devor so eloquently points out in his groundbreaking and incredibly illuminating essay, "Gender Role, Behavior and Attitudes", gender is created, acquired and constructed by the greater society at large. Sex has a biological basis and is predetermined at birth. Gender, on the other hand, is a social construction and gender roles and expectations are unique to each and every society. …
Accordingly, a qualitative analysis suits the parameters of this project best. This project will be the result of extensive research and the bulk of the data explored will be obtained through scholarly analysis of gender theory as well as a comprehensive literature review of all current scholarly information on the subject. Although primarily qualitative in nature, if quantitative data is available, this information has been integrated into the overall analysis. To this end, scholarly journals websites and the latest books on the subject will be utilized. This research intends to undertake data collection through extensive research and coding of relevant information. An in-depth interview will take place to understand peoples’ perspectives on the social construction of gender today. In addition to scholarly research on the subject, this researcher has sought out primary documents from a variety of actors, both at home and abroad.

Through an in-depth interview I aim to provide a comprehensive analysis of the issues at hand. Our interview structure will be followed by survey research in the form of a questionnaire, in order to form generalizations. Validity will be obtained through the interview process and while generalisability may be a challenges due to the limited scope of the interview, the findings may have wider implications. In order to provide findings which are applicable in the modern world, the interview will be structured in a complete manner which will be formal and professional. Accordingly, the interview questions will not be leading, nor offensive and will not affect the respondent in any negative way. In order to ensure the