Gender Stereotypes in Magazines

Another interesting detail that should be mentioned is that both men and women are shown to take care of their bodies, but the manner in which they do it is absolutely different. Thus, page 155 has a picture of a slim woman who suggests that she became so slim by drinking the right kind of water. In other words, it is being argued that being beautiful for a woman is equal to being slim. Contrary to that, the magazine also features pictures of men in the gym. Instead of just drinking water and becoming smaller in size, they work hard and are getting bigger. The picture on page 85 shows five men, but only the biggest of them is paid the most attention. In addition to that, the picture shows that going to gym unites people of all ethnic background as there are not only Caucasians but also an African American and an Asian American.
There are pictures in the magazine the support the idea of patriarchic society, namely that women are inferior and have to have support from men. On page 139 one is able to see how a man is leading a woman and she is shown in the background while he is in the front. In addition to that, several pages before, on page 135, there is a picture showing a woman listening to music. However, the peculiarity of this picture is that the music is picked and is controlled by a man. In other words, a man is in charge while a woman simply follows one.
There is an extremely sexist picture on page 105. It shows a fully dressed man, looking at his iPhone and paying absolutely no attention to a woman right next to him.