Global Economy

One of the most growing fields in multinational corporations in the automotive industry in which many of the companies involved have opened subsidiaries in different countries to support the performance of their products or deal with the product development in that part of the world to ensure that they successfully control their industry and continue making sales (Jaussaud &amp. Schaaper, 2007).&nbsp.&nbsp.
The other industry that is much infested with many multinationals is the electronics field. The basic analysis reflects most of these companies with huge revenues and capital formations all over the world originate from the Asian community that has grown to control the world economy from the superpowers of the past decades. The growth of the Asian community has much indicated from four major countries Japan, Korea, China and Taiwan. The study is going to involve an analysis from the two sectors of business that is electronics and automobiles, which have taken a huge share of interest from the Asian community. To substantiate this view, the analysis of the multinationals will consider the different aspects of the businesses that make them the unique and worth interest of the international community. The aspects of strength that allow them to dominate in their country of origin and further dominate the world platform.
One of the most successful multinational of all time from Japan Nissan has developed to become a global commodity that influences many economies. The company in the automobile sector has set up in many other countries all over the world with many working as assembly points while others running fully as the original company (Elger &amp. Smith, 2005). The major strategy that the company has employed in its multinational approach has majorly focused on the strategic partnerships that have allowed it make alliances with other huge manufacturers in the field of automobiles to create a clear competitive advantage.
A good example is the alliance formed between Nissan and Renault of 2013 has created a storm in the automobile sector in France.&nbsp.The French automotive Renault has created an added advantage for Nissan in France that has seen it successfully survive within the country.&nbsp.&nbsp.