Global Strategy of ZAKSquared

Individual business division managers could analyze their market, make local decisions based on their analysis and funnel this information up to the corporate level. These divisions could also gear their business to their environment and its demands. Throughout the history of 3M, communication was of the utmost importance. At all levels of management as well as front line workers, there were a number opportunities such as retreats, councils, The Annual Technology Fair, as well as internal encouragement to maintain contact with other division employees. This mode of organization forced 3M to restructure time and time again. Breaking apart divisions and redefining policies and procedures.
The Technical Council (numbering 80 people by early 1990) allowed the heads of its increasingly dispersed labs to meet on a regular basis. This was encompassed from the workings of the Technical Forum that was created in the early 1950s that was formed by "senators" that were drawn from the practicing scientists and technologies in each of the 80 3M US-based lbs.