Global Warming in An Inconvenient Truth

The movie was produced in such a way that it breaks the mindset that environmentalism is something only chosen professionals could do. This was done by promoting modern environmentalism that can be done by anyone through a change of lifestyle. Also, viewers are being walked through the issue of the severity of the climate by presenting comprehensive documentation of the causes, dangers, and how we can improve it. Here, I was able to see the big picture of the significance of this issue today as global warming does not only mean having to put up with a warmer temperature which a lot of people think it is. Global warming could result in the rising of seawater levels that could cause floods that would kill human lives, endanger animal species, and also put human health at risk.

Indeed, this movie documentary is very relevant to us today. It is amazing how it was able to make viewers understand that global warming could cause a chain effect that could spur moral and even political issues in the future. It has changed how I see and value Earth and the lives that live in it.