Global warming is bad

Gradual evolution of the idea stirred an emotional debate between opponents and proponents of global warming that ultimately seems to end on rigid stance from both sides. To answer the question weather global warming is good or bad, we must analyse if it is there. The idea has been controversial and increasingly considered to be a myth. Its proponents consider it to be the crucial turn in this century and spending fortunes on investigating and finding solutions while its opponents attribute it to be more political than scientific. The paper analyses both sides and concludes that global warming is bad in either case.The concept of global warming didn’t pop up in a day,with very solid scientifc base,it formulated in a gradual but uncertain way.Lindzen aptly states, Warming is a subject riddled by uncertainty (424).Indeed, the idea has been subjected to intense debates during mid and late 80s without getting to a unanimous conclusion. Different reports by IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) (1996, 2001) suggested scientific frameworks in order to prevent adverse impact of climate change that brought Kyoto protocol for reducing the emission of greenhouse gases by burning fossil fuels. The impact of global warming as projected by media is focused on increase in mean temperature of earth and its consequences, for instance, extreme weather conditions or increasing frequency of such events. In reality, global warming and climate change is much more complex (Khandekar, Murty and Chittibabu 1557).According to newspaper account of U.S. government study in 1988 suggested certain threats that include:Some ecological systems, particularly forests…may be unable to adapt quickly enough to a rapid increase in temperature…most of the notion’s coastal marshes and swamps would be inundated by salt water…an earlier snowmelt and runoff could disrupt water management systems…Disease borne by