Goals Problems and Core Elements of the Design Thinking

The mid-1980s to date has seen a race to discover emerging methods for improving business, service, and design. The particular methods applied are traceable through history and analyzed individually to interpret the historical readings with respect to a particular method of investigation. The analysis of such period aided in the understanding of the evolution of chief design process methods. Consequently, the analysis meant to discover from such evolution of design process methods the moment when design thinking got realized as an emerging approach as well as a framework of thinking that underscored all other prior methods of thinking. However, there was never a precisely framed linear progression of methodologies that emerged.
Many methodologies were developed concurrently in various faculties as well as industries. The coining of the term design thinking date back to 1987 when Peter G. Rowe introduced the phrase in his book, ‘Design Thinking’. The design involves a call for conventional minds to change and collaborate. There are various approaches to designing thinking ranging from the participatory design, user-centered, service-centered to human-centered design thinking. The participatory design primarily focuses on user testing efficiency and end-user development. The user-centered design thinking stresses the significance of customers’ needs and paints user as central to the service or product development.
The service-centered design focus on the importance of examining the user journey value and the stakeholder’s culture by stressing the need for a collaborative culture. The service design relates with the meta-design that advocates a collaborative, open source system and holistic community development to ensure social sustainability. Therefore, service-centered design holistically engages the stakeholders and emphasizes on service sustainability. Finally, human-centered design involves a collaborative and multidisciplinary social system. There is also a holistic engagement of the community development driven by empathy.