Good Practice In Housing

This essay stresses that the strategies to be implemented must be based on the policies of good practice, regulatory guidance taking into consideration other measures the most recent research. More significantly, these measures need be the feedback from the residents. This is because the residents are noted as being the direct victims of ASB. This implies that tenants and lease holders should be informed of their rights and subsequent responsibilities in the context of ASB. Moreover, quick action should be taken. This would be in an effort to ensure that the relevant authorities are not condemned with laxity in performing their mandated tasks. It also helps in assuring the residents that, though not visible, action is being taken towards realizing a just and organized society.
This paper makes a conclusion that the housing management should also work with their partners in preventing the Anti-Social Behavior. These measures need to be availed to the community for purposes of enlightening the residents on the actions being taken. Improved and regular communication system is vital for the residents. The residents should be allowed to air out their concerns and reservations with the relevant agencies on a monthly basis. Implementing a program that ensures there is direct communication with the residents as it concerns course of action that has been adopted, can be a great boost. In order to effectively fight against ASB, it is recommended that a partnership between the housing association, local authorities and the residents be forged.