Government Agencies Programs and Policy Evaluations

Because of the nature of their task, they are also charged with monitoring and ensuring no harmful materials get smuggled into the US or any other country that uses the same structure. It is through these customs that a country also controls trade with other countries as well as immigration and emigration and through which the data on the same is collected and stored. This agency is being privatized due to corruption cases in some countries (Chowdhury, 2006).The US forest service is headed by the Secretary of Agriculture for Natural Resources and Environment. Its original mother agency is the US Department of Agriculture. It is divided into. National forest system, state and private forestry Business operations and the research and development. The agency ensures the protection of the natural forest from illegal logging, fires, and working towards ensuring a sustainable environment. The organizations here are further subdivided into national forests, districts forests, region forests, research stations, and private forestry (Egan, 2009).This agency gathers secrets or intelligence data, analyzes them to give useful information. This duty may be different depending on a country and so is the name. The United States Secret Service operates under the US Department of Homeland Security from the year 2003. Before then, it was under the department of the treasury. It is headed by the executive director and answers to the White House. The agency protects US-designated leaders, prevents currency fraud, cybercrimes, impersonation, money laundering, and major protection of US President and vice president and their families (Adams, 2013). It has about 136 field offices with its headquarters being in Washington DC.This is also called gambling in some sectors and is charged with the responsibility of regulating casinos and other gaming businesses by enforcement of gaming law. They define how the gaming activities are to be done by licensing which is a little regulated compared to other businesses.