Gramsci seminar

Gramsci Seminar Assignment Question Industrialization led to emergence of technology that made media to reach broad masses and in great numbers at the same time incorporating the society into one unit encouraging cohesion (Scott, pp352).
Question 2
Max argues that a society is made of subordinate class and the ruling class. The ruling class thoughts controls the society and act as the capitalist economy. Workers survives this conditions as the owners maximize their profits leading to disparities. This is shown by the media advertising the ideas of the ruling class and creating inequality in the society.
Question 3
Class domination and class conflict. They maintain authority in society and their ideas overrules
Question 4
Hegemony, meant conceptual domination of the people by the ruling class which believed its values so that a consent occurred around them (Fulcher &amp. Scott, pp352).
Question 5
Radical perspective is where there is conflict between the employer and the employee or between the capital and labor which result in industrial unrest between the two
Question 6
Capitalist since the factors of production are centralized to a few people or the ideas emanates from the dominant group (Fulcher &amp. Scott, pp353).
Question 7
During web 1, there was dominant ideas which the media perused while in web 2, the dominant ideas were overtaken by the internet. Web 2 enhances democratization since each and every individual had an equal chance to express their views.
Question 8
Solution provided in the seminar were almost perfect and in a scale of one to ten, it deserved a score of minimum 8. However some agreed solution may compromise the economy more so if money was to be supplied during inflation without analyzing the course.

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