Grievance and ways of applying discipline in an organisation

s aimed at suggesting better practices on the application of discipline procedures as well as recommending changes in organizational policies and services in order to avoid tribunal and costs caused by inconvenient adjournments. It will also examine the nature and explain the place of grievance and discipline as well as reviewing their effects on employment and how authority responds to the same. The frame work of organization justice in business is also to be examined in respect to grievance and discipline procedures. The study will also investigate what would be considered good practice to ensure legal compliance in applying discipline procedure in the workplace which would see to the reduction of the prospects to tribunal and court costs, avoid the possibilities of employees having to pay other party’s costs, avoid the worry and costs associated with appeal hearings. The study will lastly recommend the ways that will consequently improve employees’ morale and motivation to perform better.
According to Peterson (2007), A study on the fairness at work was carried out in 2004, where different employees from different organizations in the UK were given questionnaires with their ages, occupation, gender, religion, nationality, and marital status, which was aimed at providing information on how comfortable employees felt with the way disciplinary and grievances affairs were tackled in their different workplaces. The information was to later assist the Government in the formation of the Statutory Grievance and Disciplinary Procedures for workplaces to hold formal grievance and disciplinary procedures, at which employees would be entitled to fair representation in disciplinary and grievance related matters by either a work colleague or a trade union representative. The survey found out that the compliance with the employees’ right to such representation in an employment tribunal was patchy and uneven with little evidence to suggest that rates of disciplinary