Growing trend in online education

e and usage of computers started to decline and more focus was given to those devices which were more capable of ensuring communication between more than two individuals. For example, it was also intent that, in the clinical advancement, there should be electronic mechanism between patient, doctor, nurse and other medical staff who was directly or indirectly connected with the health of the patient. As a result of such expectations, the recent advancement in the shape of online education has not only facilitated the electronic communication between nursing students and health teaching hospitals facilities but also increased an opportunity for studying and learning through using the medium of the Internet. Overall, this transformation has considerably increased opportunities for online nursing learning and also enabled to adjust their routine study schedule as they want to.
In the following parts of this paper, first description about online education has been provided. Moreover, this part also elaborates on the general significance of online education. Subsequently, Significance of online education for nursing students has also been provided. After that part, merits of online education has been included in which accessibility and affordability features have been mainly emphasized and elaborated as well. It is followed by demerits of online education part in which education quality and lack of concentration have been detailed. Before the conclusion part, the significance of magnet status for hospitals and the nursing students has been included.
Online education is growing across the world (Shelton and Saltsman, 2005.p.146). Online education is defined as an education mechanism in which information communication technology is used for the purpose of studying different subjects. Fundamentally, there are three different activities used in the online education system: online education provider, medium and online education receivers (students). In addition, online