Guerrilla Marketing Strategy

Guerrilla marketing strategy involves the use of unconventional and low-cost advertising strategy to promote the business. Such strategy is often used locally and through an organized network which actually promotes the business and advances it in a relatively unconventional manner. (Levinson, 2003)
This marketing plan is related to the marketing of the new coffee shop and is based upon offering a critical strategic outlook and insight into the overall marketing efforts to be taken. The overall product range will not be limited to the freshly served coffee only but will also include selling merchandise such as caps, t-shirts and other items thus increasing the overall products to sell. Since Hot and Sweet Café’ positions itself as an organization for all, who prefers hot and cold beverages. The customer profile of ‘Hot and Sweet Café’ ranges between an age-group of 15- 45 years. Considering this, the overall goals to be achieved by executing this strategy include:
It is critical to note that the owners of the business are assuming that the overall access to finances will be restricted at the early stages. In order to overcome this, it is therefore important to initiate and set up a marketing campaign which can deliver results without incurring much of the cost.
1. In order to expand the business, marketing buzz will be created for the café at the local level. An undercover marketing campaign will be started to create opportunities for interaction between the consumers and the business to increase the overall exposure of the product. The overall marketing buzz will be created through word of mouth as well as through viral marketing on social media.
2. Viral marketing will be started with specific targeting on the local consumers in the area. With the help of online marketing platforms such as Facebook and Google ads, a local campaign will be started to attract local customers.&nbsp.