Guide Lines for Selecting a Career

Career choice is one of the most important decisions in anyone’s life, and yet countless young people enter careers that later prove to be wholly unsuitable. Even today most young people have no way to find out if a particular career would really suit them. Decisions that are central to future happiness and success are therefore very often being taken in the dark. Hence young people can take advice from older people in their family or can look at examples. that is people who have achieved success in their desired career. It also happens that halfway through their career people realize this was never meant for them. All this is part of life but there are also people who successfully achieve their target careers and are successful in them. Its necessary to adopt a career that u have an interest in. The reason being that a person who selects a career of his interest is more dedicated to his profession.
One of the greatest misfortunes in life is to be superior at something you don’t like. You may be skillful in mathematics, but you may hate it. You may be proficient public relations communicator, busy interacting with people every minute of the day but my love life of isolation and meditation. In order to be able to select the right career, one has to reflect, analyze, know one’s inner self, and be able to clearly differentiate between what one is good at (proficiency, competence) and what you like and want to do in life (interests, principles). The first thing to do is to build up a concept of the person you would like to be. Let your personal sense of right and wrong be your guide and resist enticement and pressures from elders and peers. Choosing a job you like which is not in clash with your values and lets you apprehend your full individuality and creative potential will enable you to achieve a sense of completion. It is recommended to interact with career counselors and in particular near and dear ones such as parents and peers, and elders, and taking their suggestions. Read some good books on career guidance and take a few career tests. A person can either visit a career counselor or psychologist who will administer relevant tests to him/her. Or try online tests.
The role of my father’s firm is to manufacture and sell electric generators. In reference to the work, I can adopt two educational lines in the future that can help me become the head of the firm. The first one is of getting a degree in Electrical Engineering and the second option is doing a Masters in Business Administration. After studying both critically the first option is not as agreeable and suitable as the second one. The second option can give me a better all-round knowledge about how to run an organization, which things to check and how to manage the resources. The first option restricts me to the technicality of the job. Having talked about this I will come to my college and high school responsibilities. I will have an open choice until my high school in the matter of my professional career, but things will start to take a certain direction as I enter my college. From my college, my aim towards my professional goal would start to clear up and I will start to go in details of managing a business.&nbsp.