Gun Control Activists

Kleck and Kates (2001) have argued that “handguns are actually used by victims to repel crime far more often than they are by criminals in committing crimes – as much as three times more” (Kleck and Kates p.16). They have also pointed out that “Liberal allowances of concealed handgun carry by thirty-one states have coincided with a reduction of thousands of murders, rapes and other violent crimes in those states” (Kleck and Kates p.17). Many people are of the view that the crime rates in America could be reduced with the help of gun control. They are forgetting the fact that the situation would be worse if the public deprived the opportunity to own a gun for their self-defense.
Gun control legislatures may prevent the public from owning a gun for self-defense. however, these laws may not prevent criminals from owning or using guns for executing their missions. In other words, the absence of guns in the hands of the general public for self-defense will serve as a blessing for the criminals in executing their plots easily. It is because of the above fact that public opinion polls consistently show their opinions against gun control laws. “Most Americans are skeptical that gun control can do much about crime and particularly dubious about the likelihood of disarming criminals through gun control” (Kleck and Kates p.112)
“People also insist even if you do have gun laws it will not help control all the violence.
They say there are still knives and weapons that can kill also” (Against Gun Control). Gun is not the only weapon used by people to kill others. There are incidents in which even screwdrivers were used to kill the opponents.