Gun control

Exploit the holes in getting a weapon Acquiring a weapon in this case a gun, is a straight forward process. The requirements to buying a gun are. must be citizens of that country evidenced by an identity card, 18 years of age, clean criminal records. Fugitives and ex convicts cannot buy weapons since their decisions are questionable (Cefrey 13). Also, people who have been in a mental asylum cannot acquire weapons due to their mental instability.Guns cost about 20 dollars depending on the gun dealer. There are many loopholes that exist in the process of acquiring weapons. It leads to guns falling into the wrong hands instigating criminal activities as well of killing of innocent people. I feel that a more inquisitive process on the history of the buyer should be carried out to make sure that weapons do not land in the hands of malicious people.Do guns protect or cause harm? Guns are used to kill or injure people or animals. Buyers buy guns to protect themselves or threaten potential attackers (Cefrey 29). Weapons should be sold to people who live in dangerous neighborhoods or have threats from family or friends. Guns are dangerous weapons to own as they can push a mere argument, a moment of desperation or a child’s curiosity into a fatal situation.In nutshell guns cause more harm than good. The government should set very high standards for acquiring a gun. It would reduce the crime rates as research has shown that most of the shootings happening in the United States are caused by weapons being in the wrong hands. Therefore, the debate on whether having guns is good for protection or will cause more harm in the long run continues to show that guns are not the solution to protection and home security. ReferenceCefrey, Holly. Gun Violence. New York: Rosen Pub, 2009. Print.