Gypsy Community Health and Wellbeing Project



The word community has two diverse meanings. Community can usually be very small social element of any scope that shares mutual values. Community can also mean the national community or global community, and in ecology, a community is a cluster of interrelating living organisms involved in a populated environment. In human communities, needs, preferences, belief. Risks and many more conditions may be absent or present affecting and identifying with the people involved and their degree of cohesiveness. Since the start of using the internet the issue of community has less geographical restraint, as people can nowadays gather virtually in an online public and share common welfares regardless of corporeal location. The word community was originally derived from the Old French community which is derived from the Latin communists, a broad term for fellowship or organized society. Some examples of community service are to help in the church, tutoring, hospitals and much more. The sagacity of connectedness and development of social systems encompasses what has developed recognized by way of social capital. Social capital is demarcated by Robert D. Putnam as the cooperative value of altogether social systems and kind and the predispositions that ascend from these mechanisms to do stuff for each other.