Half Nude Woman with Coin



The particular 17th century Dutch art under focus caught the attention of the eye relates to a variety of factors. The first reason behind the art attracting the eye relates to the fact that even for less keen observers, one must realize that something seems unrelenting about the art. Other than capturing the other common presentations with most of the paintings in that period, the work by Baker presents something different. The interesting thing about the painting is that it seeks to explore a moral issue within the society and a portrayal that morality existed even in the time of its painting. The painting sends a message of an existing connection between women nudity and money. That serves as the driving factor behind the need to share the piece of art since it holds a deeper meaning based on the prostitute’s image, holding a gold coin, yet her breasts are exposed as she gives a half smile to the viewer. The artwork proves of significant importance because it captures the theme of prostitution and how it involves money. Description of the art work first focuses about the author of the art work and the respective name and origin of the author if such is given. Jacob Baker a painter in the 17th century and one of the artists regarded as the 17th century Dutch Golden Class is the author of the painting. Records attribute the painting to be from around 1636 with the painting measuring 64.5 centimeters by 56.7 centimeters. With oil and canvas serving as the common materials used in paintings across Europe.