Hariharan N The Musical Genius

This gave way to many concerts, television performance and even TV serial such as “Junoon”. In 1994, he received the Best Album of the Year Award for the song Abshaar-e-Ghazal. In 1998, he was awarded as the “Best Male Playback Singer” by the Tamil Nadu State Government Film Awards for his song “Mere dushman mere bhai”.
All of the awards however were nothing compared to the milestone that he achieved in the year 1996, the time when his fusion album ( Indian-English ) “ Colonial Cousins” made him a celebrity. It was a collaboration between Bombay-based composer/singer Leslie Lewis and him. It was popular due to the fact that it :
"Colonial Cousins" became the first Indian act to be featured on MTV Unplugged and also won the pair a string of national and international awards, including the MTV Indian Viewers Choice award and US Billboards award”( Hariharan mysticamusic.com ) The popular album showcased Harahan’s musical prowess as a co-writer , musical scorer and artist. This is a hard combination to beat even amongst young artists of today where singing is the only forte one has. What was outstanding about Harihan is that he was able to “ scale the song Hamsathwani raga in three octaves, hitting the lowest and highest notes with equal facility. His other songs like “Feel Alright “ is a perfect example of fusion wherein he was able to sing the English lyrics yet in typical Indian folk style.