Harlem Hellfighters



The case of Hawaii during World War II demonstrates racial discrimination that the African Americans were subjected to even as they strove to play a key role in the war. Even the United States president at the time questioned the ability of the African Americans to deliver at the battlefront. The article greatly contributes to the historical accounts of World War II and how it played a key role in advancing racism in the United States. THE MAKING OF DISNEYLAND BY GEORGE LIPSITZ According to the author, the Disneyland that forms a major entertainment hub in the United States was created in an effort to enable the American people to forget the negative evils that had transpired in the country such as poverty, racial discrimination, slavery and political struggles. Walt Disney wanted to come up with a place where the visitors would be blocked from the view of the outside world so that they could concentrate on the things that brought joy to them as well offered them a chance to live and feel accepted in the world The creators of Disneyland wanted the American society to be free of the past events and forge ahead as a happy nation (Lipsitz, 210-211).. Visitors at the park were greeted with fantasy and were told to dress accordingly or risk being sent away from the park. The people who visited the park by then according to the author were expected to forget about the worries of the world and personal challenges but instead concentrate on the things that brought them joy and delight.