Hazardous Waste Legislation

Environmental issues have attracted attention worldwide as they have created risks to a healthy life and put the future of our planet in danger due to an alarming increase in the emissions of greenhouse gases. The Welsh Assembly Government likewise its neighbour states has left no stone unturned in taking the citizens all along in the fight against pollution caused by over-exploitation of resources, which is affecting life below, above and on the ground by the contamination of land, air and water resources. To create consciousness among its people, the Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) has used its online resource to the fullest by providing knowledge and information on all issues of critical importance so that citizens may use this resource and mend their ways to save the planet from the hazards of greenhouse gases’ emissions. Some important fields of environmental awareness have been thoroughly reviewed, which are Contaminated Land, Air Quality, Climate Change, Energy and Fuels, Waste and Recycling, and Environment Liability.Land contamination is one of the major causes of pollution. The government website provides comprehensive knowledge and information on this issue. how it is fulfilling its responsibility in creating awareness among the people to save the planet from becoming a garbage house of hazardous chemicals. Industrialisation and businesses have created havoc on land due to irresponsible business practices. Pollutant fuels have added to the gruesome situation. Life has become hazardous due to the risks of pollution due to over-use and misuse of fuels and chemicals. The Wales Assembly has yet to pass relevant regulationsThe government website provides basic guidelines with intensive knowledge and is a comprehensive information resource. It defines what contamination of land means and puts responsibility for removing the pollutants. The WAG website informs what assessment and remedial steps are being taken to stop contamination of land and also guide to stop further contamination of land.