HCM6210804A01 Ethics Policy and Law in Health Care Management

All Medical and Non-Medical Employee Director of Administration Memo: November 7, 2008 Patient Care Satisfaction
Rosewood Children’s Medical Center (RCMC), is a health care facility specializing in inpatient and outpatient health care services for children and adolescents. Patient care satisfaction is an important factor in managing the quality of care for any medical practice. According to Irwin Press (author of Patient Satisfaction: Defining, Measuring and Improving the Experience of Care), “Patient satisfaction is good medicine and good business patient satisfaction is required to succeed in today’s health care industry.” A survey was done in order to assess the patient needs and identify the factors that need to be considered in order to provide a patient care satisfaction. In the survey the admin was able to identify the Advantages of patient satisfaction:
Patients will return if the care met their expectations.
There is a correlation between patient satisfaction and increased patient compliance toward treatment and lower rates of malpractice claims.
High patient satisfaction scores can be used to attract new patients.
Changes in practice can be made according to what is learned through patient satisfaction.
In order for the company to become competitive to others the administration is issuing this memo to the entire employee involved in providing patient care
satisfaction. The survey revealed factors that affect patient care satisfaction.
1. Hospital Environment (includes cleanliness and lighting)
2. Friendliness of the staff – courtesy and respect
3. Frequency of his doctors visitation
4. Availability of the medicines needed
5. Food and services
The result revealed that satisfied patient will help the Rosewood Children
Medical Center improved its managing care. The RCMC should have an environment that will satisfy not only the patient but its relative as well. As result of this patient and its relative may recommend RCMC to others which may help the organization increased its income. Nurse- patient, doctors – patient and other staff –patient relationship are among the important factors that are considered. A patient is satisfied enough if he sees his doctor visits him regularly in his room. Nurse patient relationship will increase the possibility that a patient will cooperate in taking his medication. Availability of the medicines needed should be put in focus. Relatives are also particular in medication. RCMC Pharmacy should have at least 90 percent of medications needed in the hospital. Patients are also particular in the food they eat in the hospital.
This memo is issued in order for the concerned personnel to understand the importance of patient care satisfaction and reduce legal liability.

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