Health Care Finance in Saudi Arabia

The health-related organizations under the UN play a major role in the extension of financial health through civil charity programs. Therefore, it is initiating charity programs in conjunction with organizations that are willing to extend financial assistance to the country’s health sector. Ministerial committees are being set up and some are already in place and their role is to enhance the coordination of the various sectors within the health system. The committees have been advocating for collaboration among the sectors on health matters, financial issues being one of them. The collaboration is mainly advocated for at the subnational level because local governments are in need of an extra source of finance. In this regard, the role of stakeholders such as the King Faisal Hospital and Research center is being integrated into the health sector. The stakeholders can provide financial resources in support of the health system and also carry out research expeditions in order to find other ways of financing health. The government is carrying out a consistent and careful evaluation of the indicators for health expenditure. The analysis of the indicators gives the government the scope of the financial situation in the health institutions within the country. Therefore, the analysis gives the government a platform on which adequate financial planning can be done. For instance, in 2010, 82.9 percent of the total expenditure on health is accounted for by the country’s health care system. From the analysis, these financial statistics are expected to rise by an estimated average.