Health contract



For many years now, there had been several claims and even proofs that for those people with cardiovascular problems like me, physical exercise is needed. But before finally proceeding to these claims of goodness from physical exercise, we can try to look at first the meaning of cardiovascular disease. When we talk of cardiovascular disease, it refers to the different ailments associated with the blood vessels and the heart. Some of the common forms of cardiovascular disease are stroke and hypertension. In this kind of disease, the problem is with the narrowing or blocking of the arteries, specifically the coronary arteries. We say there is a heart attack when the blood flow going to the myocardium is not well. It is said to be life threatening when this obstruction gets to cover a big part of the myocardium or the flow is stopped to a great degree. The damage may not be just in the heart but also in the brain. It can block blood vessels from the brain or can cause internal bleeding. And speaking of high blood pressure, or the common cardiovascular disease of the baby boomers or the generation X, there is an increase in the pumping of the heart where it destroys arterial wall which can cause arteries to give in and damage the brain