Health Service Management Workforce Planning



The essay "Health Service Management: Workforce Planning" discusses the health care improvement and development issues that are the key factors in the operations of all governments. In 2004, the National Health Workforce Strategic Framework (NHWSF) was drafted to guide the Australian health workforce policies. The strategies outlined in the NHWSF have been significantly been embraced and implemented by Australian health workforce. The COAG (Council of Australian Government) has started to broaden the self-sufficient principle which improves the cohesion between different levels of the government that is involved in the health care workforce. The government is given the duty of reporting on any advancement on the application of the NHWSF. This is fully supported by the Australian Nursing Federation. The reporting is done in a transparent way and also executed by an independent body. Another implementation process is to increase the number of health workforce trainees. Therefore, this is intended to curb the issue of health care workers shortages in Australia. The NHWSF had proposed the number of college students taking medicine course should be increased. The Australia Nursing Federation (ANF) also proposes that the state college system is made national so as to suit the whole country since the health issue is no longer a state issue but a national issue. Through the ANF, the government has considered the proposal of taking clinical education programs in rural universities.