Healthy people/health proposal

Healthy People/Health Proposal Proposal Health Emergency Preparedness Goal: Improving the Nation’s capability in preventing, preparing for, responding to, and recovering from key health incident.
Objective: PREP-2 reducing the time essential for activating designated workforce in response to public health emergency
Project Summary
The project mandate is to ensure that all health organizations including the community as well as individuals work in unison to improve preparedness on response, and recovery from major health occurrences. The project will be focused on working with the local people and health institutions on the project.
The objectives as well as activities of the project are:
Objective 1: Assist in training medical professionals on how effectively and efficiently respond to emergencies.
Hold local training workshops on preparedness on health emergency situations
Develop public announcements that will enhance preparedness in the region
Objective 2: Comprehend the challenges facing individuals in less prepared areas.
Expected Results of the Project
More people in the region will be more prepared on dealing with health emergency issues.
The community will better understand the essence of being prepared for medical emergencies.
The community will learn the ability to prepare, respond, prevent and recover from principal health events.
Project Description
The general goal of the project will be to assist people in making proper decisions on preparedness about health emergencies. People in the region are not prepared on dealing with health emergency problems. This is because they lack knowledge and understanding on how health emergencies can affect their lives. The project is needed in the region as more people are not capable of solving health emergency issues. Additionally, the project will ensure that individuals adopt social interconnectedness, planning as well as preparedness for emergency. Individuals will manage to access health services in times of emergencies.
The target audience of the project is the youths, medical practitioners and any other person that has an understanding of health emergencies and how to deal with them. By holding multiple workshops, people and health professionals in this region will be able to make proper decisions when faced by health emergencies. The project will help in recruiting individuals that will deal with healthy emergency problems. The individuals will give support to the local health organizations in dealing with health emergencies in a more efficient manner.
Importance of the Project
There are numerous threats that have huge consequences like natural disasters and disease outbreaks. The project will therefore, assist the community in dealing with emergency issues especially on how to respond to them.
Resources to Provide Data and Information for the Project
The project will be funded by private investors, NGOs, as well as, the public sector. Everybody will strive to support and eliminate health emergencies in the region. The community has also assisted in pursuing partners and grant opportunities to promote the project.
Data and information is crucial for the project. This is why people will be encouraged to refer to online materials and other information they get from the training workshops. This information will not only assist the community at large but will also act as a pint of reference in the future.
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