Heart is a lonely hunter



When one reads “The Heart is a Lonely Hunter,” they can hear the sounds of music through the words, as music shapes the way that this entire novel is written. The language of the novel is sometimes written in such a way that makes it seem as though one is listening to music that is rhythmic and harmonious, such as when the depressing duets take place between Mick and Singer. At other times, however, the novel takes a different turn, as the language makes it seem as though one is listening to music that is harsh and discordant, such as when the final argument takes place between Jake and Dr. Copeland. Along with the different types of music that are portrayed in the novel, McCullers also enables us to experience silence, as in the case of singer, who is a mute (Big Read, 2). Not to mention, this novel is musical in that it deals with the polyphonic characteristics of words and phrases, as it relates to the structure of the complete novel (Fuller 57). McCullers is ingenious in how she creates different voices with the characters in the novel that have differing tones and sounds that are like different musical instruments, which are to represent the way their lives are, as well as their thoughts and what they are determined to do. yet, these voices sing similar notes, which are the two similar themes in which the novel is written around.