Hershey Foods Corporation

The company was unable to complete the last leg of implementation and thus switching over to the new system was done in July 1999. Halloween and Christmas seasons had put pressure on the company and thus forced to implement the remaining parts of the project simultaneously. The simultaneous implementation of the project led to a number of problems pertaining to the fulfillment of orders, processing, and shipping of the finished products. The supply at the company’s warehouses was sufficient but it could deliver the supplies on time to the retailers.While a major business management decision failure might be drawn critics to swift judgments, intricate issues surrounding delicate management require caution from everyone. Whether the decision failure can be avoided or not should be anticipated since all systems tend towards entropy. this is the essence of management. Business in the modern age is increasingly facing new challenges and innovative solutions consequently formulated for the same. As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention. Such innovative solutions include the Enterprise Systems (ES) which consist of information technology applications integrating key operational systems for increased efficiency.Hershey Company, previously known by the name Hershey Foods Corporation until 2004, went into history books in the year 1999 as yet another company suffering huge dents based on ERP failure. The company was founded is eleven and a half decades old and has seen massive growth ever since it was incepted to cover the entire global market. Located in Hershey, Pennsylvania, is by far the largest candy and chocolate manufacturer in North America offering a classic example of a large organization in modern business.