High Noon at Alpha Mills Case

Ever since its formation, the company has been recruiting top management staff from England and other UK countries with the majority of its employees being retired military and police personnel (Woods, 2009).
A laborer by the name Mr. Ang Siow Lee first joined the company in 1965 at a tender age of 15 years where he rose to become the senior non-managerial staff in the company. Mr. Ang is a senior production supervisor at the company whereby his only superior is the mill manager and he has two junior supervisors to assist him in his work. The company has three shifts of 25 employees where each supervisor takes charge of one shift. As a manager, Mr. Ang is responsible for quite a number of tasks, which he carries out in the company. He oversees smooth daily operations at the company. Moreover, he is responsible for coordinating all the activities of all the three shifts of the company with his two supervisors. He also prepare the daily pro-action reports, and deals with short term human resource management matters as well as minor issues related with discipline in the company. Mr. Ang is also responsible for setting and evaluation of short-term performances that are targets for the company’s three shifts of employees (Springett, 2004).
Mr. Ang also acts as an assistant for the manager, which means that he is responsible for all matters before they can send to the manager. In most cases, Mr. Ang successfully evaluates these issues and solves them before reaching the manager. To achieve this success, Mr. Ang has developed an efficient way of handling matters related to the company. In 1999, the palm oil industry in Malaysia faced very many challenges in which Mr. Ang was to play a part to stabilize the situation at Alpha Plantations Sdn. Bhp. The company experienced a plunge in the price of oil due to oversupply, where the prices of oil reduced to