HighSpeed Train

The U.S. secretary of transport recently announced the designation of a high-speed rail corridor between these cities, and this should open up the release of federal funds for the building of the rail line. According to Secretary Ray LaHood, “8 billion dollars has been set aside for high-speed rail. What jump starts our opportunity in America is the President’s initiative that Congress passed to put $8 billion in the economic recovery” (Secretary Ray LaHood, D.O.T)

I believe that the construction and usage of high-speed train transportation between these 2 metropolitan areas would effectively reduce pollution and congestion, as it will take many cars off the roads. It is estimated that about 170,000 vehicles travel the I-15 into Las Vegas. Woody Woodrow, who is a resident of Las Vegas and a native of Los Angeles, stated that “if the price was right and the timing was right and it took less than a flight to get here, I would absolutely take it. I think it’s a great idea” (Woodward Woody, Las Vegas resident)
It is paradoxical that the same people opposing the construction and usage of a speed train between these cities are the same ones who complain about the lack of an efficient mass transit system.

High-speed rail. High-speed rail can be said to be a proven technology, as decades of experience in the use of high-speed rail in other parts of the world have shown. Thus, high-speed rail provides a comfortable and convenient way for Americans to travel from one city to another. These 2 cities should endeavor to avail themselves of this technology in a comprehensive manner, as there has been heavy investment in this mode of mass transit. The population of both cities is expected to continue to rise significantly over the next few decades and although an inability to travel quickly by high-speed rail between Los Angeles and Las Vegas might not currently look like a major deficiency, it probably would appear to be so in the next few decades.