Hills Like White Elephants and a Clean Welllighted Place

The Code Hero will be a man of action and will seldom get into philosophical discussions. He seeks sensual gratification including drinking, eating, and women. He is fiercely loyal to a select group of people whom he strongly identifies with. This hero is generally disillusioned about construed meanings of life and has come to recognize them for what they are. In this world view, there is no God and there is no sanctity to life (human or otherwise). existence is constantly threatened by death and hence induces a state of anxiety and restlessness.
In the story A Clean Well-Lighted Place, we can identify the old man, who visits the café regularly as the Code Hero. He does not have a wife and is taken care of by his niece. He is frail due to old age, but nonetheless still derives pleasure from the ambiance and brandy provided in the café. While he stays up late in the night and drinks in excess, he is also disciplined in his own way. For example, when he is prompted to leave the café because it is closing time, without showing any displeasure he systematically counts the glasses he drank and pays for them with a tip included. Further, while he drinks more than is healthy for his age, he maintains his gait while walking, thereby not losing his dignity. These are expressions of discipline too, as Hemingway implies. And the old man certainly exhibits them. Further, his habit of going home very late in the night is actually a sign of vivacity and life rather than a sign of dejection. Although the old man is said to have attempted suicide a few days ago, his reprieve from death has helped heighten his sensual appetite, which is why he is back visiting his favorite café and the last one to leave it.