Hilton Hotels Marketing Strategy

Hotels have been considered to be one of the main players in the tourism and hospitality industry. The hotel sector has also been considered to have been able to provide millions of jobs for people all over the world. However, with the many hotel companies all over the world today, there is a need for the implementation of proper management strategies to make sure that hotels are able to continuously serve their guests, as well as keep their employees. The writer has decided to focus on the management strategies of the Hilton Hotels group, which originated in the United States and has remained to be one of the top hotel and resorts chains in the world.History of the Organisation
It was in the year 1919 when a certain Conrad Hilton bought his first hotel which was called The Mobley, located in Cisco, Texas. Fast forward to six years later, and Hilton managed to build his first hotel in Dallas which he named ‘The Hilton.’ This was the beginning of a long history of the chain of hotels across the country and the company managed to build hotels overseas as well. The Hilton Group now comprises around 500 hotel chains all over the world, with 60,000 employees in around 50 countries. The entire group id divided into four global regions. These are namely, Europe, the UK and Ireland, the Middle East and Africa, Asia Pacific and South America. In the USA, it is the Hilton Hotel Corporation (or HCC) that is in charge of the country’s operations (Maxwell &amp. Lyle, 2002).The Success of Hilton Hotels
Guests pay the hotel to be pampered and the hotel must ensure that the guests get their money’s worth, and more. If the guest is able to have a good experience and is satisfied with the hotel’s service, then the hotel can be assured that the guest would return to stay again at their hotel (Stoller, 2006). Hilton’s service has been declining for the past couple of years, and can, therefore, take a page from Microtel and Omni group of hotels’ service strategies.