History Of Chanel



The paper presents the products that became global icons. We could also say that the fame of the two Chanel products in the discussion was inspired by Coco Chanel’s passion to reveal to the world what she loved most. These must have built the foundation for her success in the fashion industry. Channel remains to be one of the most popular industries, especially for women fashion. The company’s logo alone is what women are dying to have and to be. Chanel is so popular with the fashionable young women because it arrives at every product category of the simple design of products it has. Chanel Camellia has gained so much popularity that has even been involved in beauty crème. Camellia is in Chanel skin care these days. The Hydra Beauty line is made up of Camellia Alba PFA as it stimulates optimal moisture within skin cells. Seemingly, camellia has grown so extensive not only in fashion wear but also in cosmetics. Most importantly, the company has most of the products that almost all women dream owning. These include fine handbags, fashionable dresses, and pairs of earring. Most Chanel products are also designed with so much care and creativity to an extent that it appears so responsible to what people wear. With all these, it is quite obvious that the Chanel brand will stay relevant for years to come while offering a wide range of fashion for men, women, and children. This is, therefore, a company that should be placed at the place of ‘master distributors’.