History of Korean Arts



The methodology followed to have the rhetorical analysis done was to critically examine the text and the layout of the pages and to arrive at a conclusion by comparing them with the standardized theories and principles. It is quite evident from the layout and the site tree that the information is intended to be extended to a wide range of audience. It is interesting to note that there the website has made available eleven multilingual versions excluding the one in English. This clearly indicates that the objective is to expose Korean culture through its art forms and handicrafts to the people across the globe. The knowledge that the website offers can be useful to researchers, historians and also to students. The approach of the website to cater for people ranging from common man to specific researchers. In each and every detail of the WebPages the integrated purpose of the web resource is evidently visible. Be that the text or even the smallest of graphical elements, all has worked together towards the purpose of ideally reflecting Korean culture. The home page promises the reader to be taken through a breathtaking journey into the history of Korean culture. In the simplest language, the purpose of the website is to highlight Korean culture through the traditional and historical aspects pertaining to its arts and handicrafts. The arrangement and the layout also contains within it specific Korean cultural reflections. However, the arrangement of the homepage appears to be a bit complex and improper.