HIV/AIDs and preventive measures

In the earlier years, the discovery of HIV/AIDs in South Africa was not taken serious. In recent years, this phenomenon gained a lot of interest, and there are a lot of measures which have been taken since then. In 1980, HIV/AIDs was seen as a phenomenon, which affected the gay society only, therefore, there was no vibrant attention given to it by the South African government. Recently many nongovernmental organizations have been launched in the fight against the infectious disease. These agencies offer localized preventive, care and support programs for affected and infected individuals. (Abdool Karim)
The mining community in South Africa and HIV/AIDS
According to (Parker), many miners in the South Africa are being infected with HIV/AIDS. Despite a lot of dedication and time being put in this predicament, minimal fruits have been harvested. Many testing and counseling programs have been encouraged among the miners, and this has helped prevent HIV/AIDs. There is also availability of medical facilities whenever one has tested positive. There is also high stigmatization, which prevents the people to come in the light and confess about their status. HIV infection in the South Africa among the miners is higher than anywhere else in the world. T.B has been on the rise among the miners too, and this may mean that more people are at risk of being infected. Many Organizations have launched a number of prevention programs directed to serving a vast number of people including the miners.