Homework 4

of the planet :is there a crisisis? Our world is very extraordinary, where there are more plants and species that exist than there were at any one time. The world’s only intelligent species that is man has developed a mechanism to destroy the world. The mechanism is harmful to all the species that inhabit the world in either water or the air. What is the measure of the destruction that we are causing to the world? How does it affect us/What steps can be taken to preserve our environment for our children and grandchildren also experience the world as we have already done? The following discussion will help to define the truth on the state of our planet (WIDE,2014).
When the first rocket was launched, it made us aware that the world is limited in its resources and space. There is a limit to the amount of life the earth can hold. The destruction to the environment by humanity presents new challenges that plants and animals have adapted. However, the destruction has reached an extreme scale. Species there are over one and a half billion that have been discovered by scientists. There is just a small representation of the diversity of animals that exists all over the world.
Most people just appreciate the big animals like elephants. Lions in the savannahs but there are also a great diversity of small animals like mosquitoes, the sea holds so much life beneath it, but most of it remains a mystery. There are many cases of extinction on the face of the planet of big animals but if small animals were to be extinct, the world would face a crisis as they form the foundations of the earth. Extinction has become massive on a scale of 100 t0 1000 due to human activities like deforestation.
Is there an importance to preserve our biodiversity. The answer is yes. The eco-environment provides us with soil and cleanses our air all free. Most importantly, we should focus on handing down an environment full of rich biodiversity to the next generation.

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