Housing as a Common Need

Lastly, the option of renting a house with a group of friends. It is an option that shows sociable tendencies in a person, whereby he puts himself deliberately into a position where he can be amongst others in more ways than one. This tendency is a derivative of harmony, and highlights increased affinity for others within a person. It is purely an option that is driven by the need for recognition and approval. The probability is that the option and its consequences are familiar to the common public. hence adopting this path is no new thing. In fact, doing this enables a person to be a part of a group or a type of person that he idolizes in terms of actions. Renting a house with a group of friends exhibits social supremacy. It depicts the intention of a person to have the want to go beyond limits in order to acquire social recognition. It is similar to another lion wanting to enter a pride. He feels that this is the only way the conflict pertaining to dominance can be resolved – by joining the group! With renting a house with a group of friends, the person has speculated a possible response that is likely to come from the people concerned. The individual may not do so in a place which provides him with uncertainty. His prior interaction and conception of the place is the primary factor which enables him to do the deed, otherwise, it would not actualize.
The second option of renting a single apartment is the&nbsp.second best option. It amounts to a much greater hassle as far as the intensity and repercussions are concerned. Options of housing in this realm are actually a type of escape, in which one is venting out the excess energy that is been surmounted due to other pressures and unresolved aims.&nbsp.
Willfully committing an option that is likely to harm another person is representative of suppressed rage and anger, which has not been able to come out in a healthy way.