How Can Events Contribute to Product Branding and Image

A combination of offline and online marketing is important for any company’s bottom line. In the past few decades, there has been a focus on the concept of event marketing. According to Kotler event marketing is defined as occurrences which is designed to communicate specific messages for the target audience but in a broad sense and does not include communications potential of events. In this area, much research has been conducted and it includes experiential marketing, lifestyle marketing, public relations, relationship marketing, and marketing communications. The idea of event marketing was studied by Lenson and Schreiber in 1994 and is focused on event marketing and lifestyle. This report will discuss the importance of event marketing for a company.
Companies have the option of going for many events which will suit them accordingly. The online events help connect the participants and presenters through a web-based interface. The common types of online events include virtual events, webinars, and live streaming events. Such kinds of events usually cost less than in-person events and help them to connect with the geographically dispersed targets.
These are also known as web conferencing or webcasts and it revolves around presentations, workshops or discussions which are delivered through web and it happens on-demand or in real-time and lasts for around 30-60 minutes. Interaction among participants is possible through real-time webinars and provides the opportunity of receiving and discussing information on a topic to be presented. Real-time webinars help in interaction among the participants on many levels and which allows attendees to ask questions directly to the presenters.
Virtual events allow individuals to participate with each other in a virtual environment but have the feel and look of an offline event. It combines networking with the educational elements of a conference. Here the consumers visit the virtual booth.