How Can One Apply the Ethical Teaching of Deuteronomy on Sex to Today’s World

“The major part of the book consists of the words of Moses addressed to Israel immediately prior to the entry into the Promised Land.”(Craigie, 1976, introduction, p.17) All the secular writings are mid-level writings and the products of reasoning of the human intellect. Scriptural revelations belong to the divine personalities, who have transcended the mind barrier. At that level, there are no conflicts. Peace and bliss reign. The problem arises, when the mid-level human beings, whether Christian Fathers, Muslim mullahs or Hindu Pundits interpret the scriptures from the level of their understanding. This leads to arguments, counter-arguments, and conflicts. Turn the pages of human history, daubed in bloodshed with wars related to religion, color, race, etc. They ask the crying question. How to make this Planet Earth heaven-like? The answer is simple and straightforward. Eyes full of understanding, hearts full of love and the life that refuses conflicts-enough, these alone are enough. But such a level of life is possible only for spiritually advanced humanity. Until then, the scriptural interpretation-related misunderstandings and debate will continue. The ethical teaching of Deuteronomy on sex in relation to today’s world has to be understood in this context.

The normal belief of a human being even in this materialist age is– sex is the domain of Satan and the ones who are spiritually inclined and abhor sex are Divine! How the Bible treated sex? The most rational explanation has been provided by J. Harold Ellens thus. It makes so many confusing issues very clear and helps better understanding of Deuteronomy. “Sexual experience and expression, like spiritual experience and expression, are moved and driven by a deep inner vital force in or personalities that prompts us to reach out for the kind of connection with the other that we intuitively believe will make us whole and complete, while making the other, at the same time, rapturous and fulfilled.&nbsp.