How can sports help kids

Organized sporting activities help children feel satisfied and have a sense of achievement. It builds a spirit of teamwork and leadership in the children. Parents should not restrict their children from engaging in physical activities if they want their children to be exemplary leaders. However, sporting activities have been declining in the past years because of technological advancements with boys being the most affected (Active community guide, 2002). Children have just playing computer and video games instead of physical activities. Girls are the greatest benefiters of sporting activities as they take sports more seriously than boys.
Sports permit kids to develop teamwork, competition, leadership and communication skills. These aspects are particularly relevant in growing children. We need to instill these in all children and prepare them as future leaders. Sports also assist in improvement of health of children and reduce future health related problems. In terms of health, it helps build healthy bones in children and enhances fitness. Games also endorse good posture and reinforce the heart. The kids involved in sports are more relaxed than their lazy partners, and this in general boosts proper growth and maturity. I think both the family and the instructors participate significantly in the development of kids through sports. As we all know, children learn through play it helps them learn about the societal context. As children involve themselves in sports and various games, they learn how to solve problems and help themselves. Their mind is developed, and they understand more easily on what they are being taught.
Sports help the children expand on their physical skills which are learnt as they find out how to climb and handle their toys. Parents should ensure that they have spent considerable time with their children so that the children will feel motivated. They need to be offering emotional