How Decisions on Customer Service will Impact on Influencing the Level of Sales



The research conducted will be quantitative and will additionally adopt quantitative methodologies. The research will be conducted at the headquarters of the Commercial Bank in Venice. Data will be collected from the first one hundred customers who visit the organization for the purposes of making purchases within a period of two months. This sample is appropriate since the organization receives about five hundred customers on a daily basis. It is also appropriate since it will enable the management to collect diverse opinions from many of their customers. The collection of data will be done through the use of interviews along with the issuing of questionnaires to the customers. The existing relationships between the causes and effects will then have to be established from the customer replies and the trends on the organization’s sales and profitability. To determine how the management decision-making methods can affect the quality of customer service and whether or not a good customer service leads to customer loyalty, a primary research survey study will be conducted on the customers and the books of accounts to test the hypothesis. &nbsp.The dependent variables in the research are the organizations level of sales along with their profitability. The independent variable, in this case, will be the decisions made concerning customer service. The organization will recruit personnel from within the organization to analyze the effects of their decision-making methods on their sales volume and profitability.