How do people consume novels How does it affect the purchase decision

The survey states the influence of media and bestseller lists plus the marketing strategies are very high in determining the customer perception of readers. The publishing field has also fallen prey to effective marketing and advertising like any other field in the world. Though intellectuals still select books based on their interest, the novel sales, were mostly commoners are the customers are heavily shaded by effective marketing. Our in depth analysis states bestseller lists are created most of the time by first-time writers and sometimes even by huge writers. They self-purchase the books and bribe the critics to create a false market for the books in the early stage. They create attractive trailers and publish the most interesting chapter of the novel in huge websites to lure customers to buy the particular book.
Buying a good book is no great task. It is the duty of regular readers to introduce good novels to many others, in this age where the reading practice is dwindling rapidly. They can only do it by developing their skill to purchase the best books available in the market. This skill should be obtained in time with good research. No person should allow their interest to be tainted by the media trend and the bestseller lists. It is a common habit among many to say they have read every bestseller list in the market. This trend should change and eminent readers should understand they are the backbone behind the bestseller list, not some critics or vigorous marketing strategy.