How does amount of CO2 vary in the places with a high amount of cars comparing to the fields

The components of the fields determine the level of consumption that the field uses of the component while the cars release it. Cars release a substantial amount of the carbon dioxide the world environment suffers from (Mintzer. p.202). The study is developed to detail these studies and aid in understanding their effects on the environment.How does the amount of carbon dioxide vary in the places with a high amount of cars comparing to the fields? This question provides a more general approach to the study. A more direct question would include a coverage that includes the activities in an environment and the effect that they have on the volume of carbon dioxide. The question would consider the effect that the presence of cars in an environment would have creating a difference between the amounts of carbon dioxide in the two places. That is the fields and places with many cars.Based on these, the research question therefore would be: What effects does the level of activity in the environment have on the amount of carbon dioxide in relation to the presence of cars and their absence in a field?Places with cars have high carbon dioxide volumes while fields have low carbon dioxide volumes. Considering the volumes that cars emit in carbon dioxide, one discovers that chances prove high that places with many cars have a high carbon dioxide content compared to fields. The study aims at proving this hypothesis.The variables include two aspects that are the amount of carbon dioxide and the place or environment that is between a place with a high amount of cars and fields, which have a small amount of cars. In the study, the level of carbon dioxide provides the dependent variable whose volume depends on the environment and the activity in it in relation to cars. This means the environment is the independent variable. To understand further the effect that