How Google’s Social Network Changes Everything



This paper illustrates the main reason for the rampant growth of Google+ as the added features in this social networking site that lack in others such as the map to view the location of the site, it helps Google serve ads better which are good for exposure of businesses hence attracting many businesses and marketers. It is also integrated into other Google products such as Gmail and YouTube hence exposing it further and increasing the chances of people connecting with others without having to struggle to search for them. The rise is also brought about by the fact that it belongs to Google which is the most used search engine hence increasing its growth and success rate. It, however, has its downside and which have contributed to it not surpassing the capacity and fame of facebook. Its sharing rate is way lower than of Facebook and it has problems with making its users stay on the site hence the large difference between the registered and active users. Most are forced to use it because of its connections with other Google products but it does not mean they will stay active. The fact that whatever photo anyone registered to the site uploads automatically goes to the site and can be seen by others even without sharing is sometimes a downside of the site. Many people also do not really understand its features and hence fail to use it regularly. For businesses that market in Google+, they risk not sustaining their customers as people are rarely active on this social media site. They log in in spurts and this will be the case even with the growth of the business. With its low sharing power and ability as compared to Facebook, people will also share less about the businesses and the products in Google+.